Which illnesses/complaints can be treated?

Acupuncture is an effective, safe and elegant mode of treatment. But not every sick animal, regardless of its illness, is considered for an acupuncture treatment. A fractured leg should be reduced and a dog with a fever as a result of pneumonia, should be treated with antibiotics. In some cases however, acupuncture can be an addition to the regular veterinary medicine. And in the case of painmanagement for example, acupuncture can be a safe alternative without side-effects.

A few examples of complaints in which acupuncture could be helpful, are:
  • Complaints of joints, ligaments and muscles (including the spinal colomn). In many cases painmanagement plays an important role, for example in arthrosis and H(ip) D(yysplasia).
  • Complaints of the skin
  • Complaints of the male- and female reproductive organs
  • Neurologic complaints

    As mentioned earlier, it's very important to determine which patient can be treated with acupuncture and which one should be terated differently. Your veterinarian may be able to advise you.